CCLCM rises to the challenge of COVID-19

One should never let a crisis go to waste. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we reacted immediately to protect the health and welfare of our students, faculty and employees. Once we found solid footing, we began looking for ways to make a positive difference. This is where our “CCLCM Family” rose to the challenge.

From helping to establish a research database and transitioning to online teaching to creating an emergency ventilator, our students and faculty have been busy. Although the disruptions have been many – adjusting the curriculum to meet student needs and converting our Health Education Campus to a surge hospital, to name just two – the enthusiasm and progress have been remarkable.

Explore this site to learn how the many members of our CCLCM Family rose to the challenge of COVID-19. Also, view the timeline of our COVID-19 response.

You also can spend some time learning about Cleveland Clinic’s preparedness and response to COVID-19, including testing information, visitor guidelines, FAQs and more.