Wellness Resources

Wellness and self-care during difficult times too often get overlooked. To ensure good health, both mentally and physically, a group of students created an online resource of at-home exercises, mindfulness activities and other wellness-related ideas, which was shared with their classmates and faculty.

As well, to inspire Cleveland Clinic caregivers working on the frontlines, several students created two photo collages to post on the Cleveland Clinic Kudoboard, an online board where anyone can post positive messages, photos and videos. These messages give our frontline caregivers much-needed encouragement, and they demonstrate that we truly are in this together.

Recognizing the mental health aspects of socializing, the Social Wellness Committee coordinated several wellness activities for students, such as kayaking, apple picking and pumpkin carving. The activities were limited to small groups, and each student closely followed social distancing and masking protocols.