Student Reflections

At CCLCM, one pillar of the curriculum is reflective writing. Several times a year in the Art and Practice of Medicine (APM) courses, students respond to prompts, writing about clinical experiences, vulnerability, ethical dilemmas and more. APM course co-director Katherine Burke takes some of these writings and transforms them into “verbatim theatre” performances, which are then performed by talented actors from Cleveland’s vibrant theatre community, live in class, providing students with an opportunity to hear their own words freshly and sparking deeper dialogue about their reflections.

COVID-19 took away our opportunity to meet and perform these pieces in person, but because the reflective writing performances are so integral to the curriculum, Ms. Burke asked our actors to record their performances at home so that she could create video versions that students could watch together in their online classes. View these two videos that are derived from first- and third-year students’ reflective writings in the spring of 2020.