Virtual Outpatient Rounds

Shreya Louis (’22)

In mid-March 2020, the students were pulled from all clinical rotations. Clerkship directors and assistant deans for clinical education across the city worked together to create a virtual curriculum to allow students to meet their learning objectives for each rotation. At Cleveland Clinic, several clinical faculty developed innovative methods to include the students in virtual patient visits. Shreya Louis (’22) worked with Bud Isaacson, MD, Executive Dean and Professor of Medicine; Neil Mehta, MBBS, MS, Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs and Professor of Medicine; and Monica Yepes-Rios, MD, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and Associate Professor of Medicine, to write up a model for student inclusion in virtual visits and published it as a preprint.  Shreya also created a git.hub page to share this information on an open-source platform.